Why Fish With Us

Why fish with us?

On most boats in Hawaii the captain decides what kind of fishing you and your group will be doing. He picks the area and the tackle and lures or bait. As most fishermen know there are many many ways to catch a fish and we want our guests to be a part of the decision making process. Some people want a big Marlin and only a big Marlin, some just want to pole to bend over all day long others want to mix things up a little. Junior anglers can have special requirements as well. We want you to participate in your day and we want to give you the most value for your fishing dollar.

But the real question with most people is, who consistently has the best catches? Well, that one is easy to answer and just a click away…
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Fishing Trips Offered

Here is a brief summary of the 2 main kinds of fishing trips that we can offer most of the year. In a lot of ways they are similar to hunting.

Trip 1) Sitting at a buoy waiting for a fish to show up. Is like hunting from a tree stand or hunting on a game ranch. It’s not the most sporting because you are sitting around a buoy waiting for something to find you. Just like in hunting it can be very effective- if the fish pass by your stand. It’s a good way to “guanentee” that you will catch something because more often than not there are small fish hanging around the buoys. But how are you going to catch a big fish if you always have a small rod and are targeting small fish??

The pros– More consistent action, everyone gets to pull on a fish or 2 or 3 or 10.
The cons-Smaller fish and a lot less “sport”. Did you really come deep sea fishing to catch a 3 pound fish?

Trip 2) Go out and find the fish! This is our favorite style for fishing. It is similar to stalking big game in the woods in that we are constantly moving around looking for signs that will lead us to a real trophy for our anglers.

While we are on the move, the big lures are in position hoping to raise a monster. With this type of fishing we can easily cover 40-60 miles of water in a day. That means we are constantly going to new areas where we could find fish. Generally the fish we find out in the open are more aggressive and readily willing to attack a lure or bait. The anticipation of what could happen at any moment is truly what offshore fishing is all about.

So why not just go for the “sure thing” at the buoy? If the Captain and crew make their living off selling fish why not catch a ton of little fish at the buoy? Well if you fish with Chupu Charters we will do what you and your group wants. The purpose of the information listed on our website is to give you the customer the tools to make a decision that will make your fishing trip the best possible.

If you want to sit at a buoy all day- fine it’s your charter. You will get an honest 8-10 hour day and we’ll try 110% to put fish in the boat. If you want to go out a look around a see what we can find… you never know. This is a trip for fishermen.

Besides with the majority of the catch going to market wouldn’t you rather catch enough small buoy fish for your dinner table and then spend the rest of your day looking for your trophy?? Why catch 30 baby tunas (that can grow to 200 pounds if you let them live) when you are only going to eat 1 or 2? Let’s go catch some mature fish that are not only more of a challenge but definitely more of a reward for everyone.

Size Matters!!