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63 inches???2478 views
8-19-05 001.jpg
Lil' Grizzle and Old Grizzle and a double hookup Peacock Bass!!2441 views
Is Fishing Luck Or Is Fishing Skill???2396 views
No swimming...2396 views
This one was close to 80# The rods and reels keep getting smaller but the fish are getting bigger!2380 views
9-20-04 Ahi.jpg
Another new boat record! 221 pound Yellowfin Tuna. That makes 13 Ahi between 100 and 221 pounds for 2004.2234 views
No Bananas.jpg
Now do you believe us??2221 views
6-3-05 Marlin.jpg
Foxy Lady 6-3-052160 views
big big mahi 4-11-05.jpg
2005's biggest Mahi Mahi 54 pounds.2103 views
Foxy Lady 7-26-052099 views
Captain Jesse goes for a ride on a whale shark- 16 miles offshore in 6000 feet of water.2095 views
blue skies, calm seas and Big Fish... could it get any better???2051 views
6-3-05 Marlin Oscar.jpg
Oscar and his Blue1991 views
Russ 067.jpg
You can't do this in Minnesota.1961 views
6-17-05 002.jpg
Foxy Lady 6-17-051927 views
7-10-05 001.jpg
Foxy Lady 7-10-051884 views
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